Helen Wragg: The Pilates Station founder and owner.

Full Equipment Senior Practitioner 

Movement Therapist

PoleStar Pilates Mentor


I am passionate about empowering you to move well. My aim is to teach you to understand were you are at, why you have got there and how to implement change that is impactful on your life and ensures you achieve your goals.

We will work together to define your start and know  exactly were you want to get too.

Your vision and story are very important to me, I can use my skills and knowledge to ensure you progress to them quickly.

I will help you understand your own movement patterns and habits, so you can find better ones that will enable you to be successful in change.

I am fully committed and supportive to your every step, we will work together to motivate you to find better options and make healthy life choices.


Having worked professionally for 12 years as a dancer, and in the fitness industry, I continued to train with several Pilates education companies, but found my true fit with Polestar .

Their standards are really high, their educators knowledgeable and from this my anatomical understanding of movement has grown and grown. I have trained with them in Mat work, Reformer and am fully certified in Rehabilitation and full comprehensive. I am definitely a Pilates Geek and will always be a life-time learner.I am a mentor on their education team and have a passion for mentoring Pilates Teachers to be able to apply their best self to every client in a supportive knowledgeable way,I have further studied in more detail, many pathologies and surgeries and Natural bodies advanced anatomy.

No matter what your goals are, or, we're you are starting from, I will support, guide and ensure you progress every step of the way.

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Christie Hepke 

Full Equipment Senior Practitioner 

Coming from a background in dance I have always had a passion for movement. 

Pilates came into my life when I needed rehabilitation from a dance injury and I instantly knew Pilates will forever be a part of me!

Diving into the Pilates industry was a natural progression which let to qualifying as a BASI comprehensive instructor in 2006 and I have taught Pilates ever since! Constantly furthering my education through various courses and workshops!

In South Africa where I come from, I had my own studio for the last 10 years, it was a place where people came together, moved together, improved together and became friends forever!

I hold space in my classes for people to connect – with each other and with me.

By getting to know the people I work with, I am able to fully support their goals. I take the time to understand what motivates them, what concerns they might have and how they can be best supported.

My goal is for people to walk out of a session feeling like they got what they needed, inspired, invigorated, maybe even a little sweaty…. and most importantly with a smile on their face…

I set the bar high in my classes while I make myself available to provide constant guidance and support. I believe that when people know they have support, they are empowered to take themselves to the outer (or inner) edge of their comfort zone…. That is where ‘the magic’ happens and I’m totally here for that!


Julie  Latham

Full Equipment Senior Practitioner 


I began practising Pilates in 2000 whilst working in Computing. Weekly Studio sessions improved my posture and alleviated neck pain and shoulder tension. I enjoyed a better quality of life which enhanced my ability to dance. Eager to learn more, I studied Anatomyand Massage. In 2006 I became a Fitness Instructor. I ran Community Dance workshopsand taught Fitness Dance classes. I found older adults a joy to teach, they were funny,committed and I loved their “Can Do” attitude. I became a Chair Exercise teacher and saw the benefits of movement throughout all stages of life and developed an awareness of the importance of preparing the body for older age.

I wanted to share the benefits of my personal Pilates practise so in 2012 changed career and became a Pilates Matwork teacher. In 2014 I began three years of intensive training with Polestar Pilates and became a Studio Practitioner.

I am adept at modifying exercises for people with conditions, especially those associated with the ageing process. My classes and individual sessions are creative but stay true to the Pilates principles. Learning about Pilates never stops, research into exercise technique and development of new equipment is constant so I regularly attend courses to expand my knowledge and keep up-to-date. Teaching Pilates is the best job in the world, it is a great pleasure to see my clients continuously improve their movement skills. Without exception they gain confidence,become less tense and consequently experience less pain. I enjoy my part in gently

encouraging them towards their new Pilates bodies, regardless of their age or starting point.

Further study includes courses on the OOV, Scoliosis, Gait, Osteoporosis, the Franklin Method, and Natural Bodies Advanced Anatomy.


Abi Battersby

Junior Reformer and Mat Teacher


Full Equipment Apprentice 

I want you to experience the freedom that comes from moving well. While a quick Google search will produce an abundance of information on what to do to build strength, improve posture and develop flexibility, it’s harder to find guidance on how to achieve these results safely and sustainably in your unique body.

The truth is, there’s no quick fix. Modern life works against our natural capacity to move freely and it takes practice to develop the kind of strong, agile, resilient bodies that enable us to live and move well.

I aim to deliver sessions that are fun, challenging and revitalising, in themselves, as well as being an investment towards your long term wellbeing. I am not about ‘no pain no gain’, or getting it ‘done’. I believe that movement is a joy to be savoured. I am all about providing friendly, creative and accessible teaching that fits around your life. 


Clare Newton 

Junior Reformer and Mat Teacher

Full Equipment Apprentice 


 Pilates first entered my life back in 2013, I had always been quite an active person with a love for running, swimming and hiking. After an illness I was recommend Pilates by my doctor as I was unable to partake in my regular sports, it wasn’t love at first try as I really struggled to slow down but after finding the reformer this is where I really began to fall in love with the movement. I realised that in slowing the movements down you really begin to understand how your body works and it also gave me an appreciation for how amazing the human body is.


I trained in mat work and completed my qualification in 2016 with Modern Pilates, this is also where I learnt that Pilates is actually named after someone, Mr Joe Pilates (I recommend googling, he is an incredibly interesting person). Then in 2019/20 I started my teacher training in Reformer with Balanced body and am currently getting ready to embark on my full equipment training with Polestar. That’s the great thing about been a teacher you are constantly learning new things about the body and its movement all the time. I am constantly amazed by what our mind and bodies can achieve.


My teaching style I would say is getting you to move well and take responsibility for your own bodies movement, using your time in class or throughout every day to check in with how your moving. I also do like to throw in cheeky challenge and just encourage you to have fun throughout the sessions.  You’ll also probably get to hear me say ‘ohhhh this is my favourite movement!’ and then quickly realising I say this about every exercise.



One of my favourite Joe Pilates quotes “change happens through movement and movement heals” I believe that movement doesn’t only help physically but mentally as well and one thing you will find is that at the studio we have an amazing supportive community from both clients and teachers.


Look forward to getting to meet you.


Donna Greenwood 

Experienced Dance and Movement Teacher

Full Equipment Pilates Apprentice 


Movement has always been my passion and I have been lucky enough to pursue this as a career. My first love was dance and after training in London at BRIT Performing Arts and then gaining a degree in Dance and Performing Arts from Middlesex University, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a professional dance career for a number of years working in various shows for holiday companies and performing in pantomimes, touring productions and corporate events.

After retiring from the stage I found myself in Halifax, West Yorkshire and decided to embark on a fitness path, gaining qualifications as a gym instructor and fitness leader and spending many years teaching aerobics, step, aqua aerobics and spinning. Alongside this I also established myself as a dance teacher and have over 15 years’ experience delivering fun, positive dance classes both in private dance studios and local educational settings to children and adults. I also worked for an award winning pre-school dance franchise and was a teacher, creative consultant and training leader for them for over 15 years.

My love of Pilates started way back at University with daily classes to support dance technique and injury rehabilitation and I quickly realised this love would stay with me throughout my life.  Little did I know it would lead me to the next stage of my movement path 20 years on! I am currently a Polestar student teacher and loving the start of my journey to further my knowledge in this amazing practise. I believe Pilates can empower you to move and heal and can not only provide us with stronger bodies but stronger minds. As a former dancer with many past injuries and niggles the journey I am on personally with my own body and practise is enlightening  and I want to bring that support and  knowledge to all my clients.


Above all I teach with joy, humour and compassion. You will find a warm welcome in my class and a safe space to explore and learn.  Laughter and friendships also come as standard!  I love getting to know my clients so I can understand their needs therefore ensuring each one has their own personal  journey with me.  Together we will fulfil your  movement potential and achieve a more balanced and functional body and mind, so you can keep moving  through daily life with ease and freedom. Our lives can get so busy and full but I truly believe Pilates is the way we slow down, take a moment for ourselves, and enable our bodies to breathe and heal in a way that will ensure we are physically and mentally strong for whatever comes our way.

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Sarah Bushma

Experienced Dance and Movement Teacher

Full Equipment Pilates Apprentice 

Sarah has had a lifelong passion for movement, starting from her first dance class at the age of 3, she quickly fell in love with the freedom and strength that dance made her feel. She went on to study full time at the English National Ballet School in London and it was there that she first encountered the Pilates equipment, which proved to be an excellent way to gain strength and proprioceptive awareness over her body in order to keep up with the ever increasing demands of classical ballet. 

She went on to perform for 14 years in the dance industry, travelling all around the world, both on land and at sea, always continuing her Pilates self practise along the way.
Movement gave Sarah a way to feel happy and confident in herself, but she couldn't help noticing that many people around her didn't seem to share the same outlook. Negative mindsets and a lack of self awareness seem to stop many people from experiencing the joys and benefits that healthy and efficient movement can bring to everyday life. This is what brought Sarah to the idea of teaching Pilates: a drive to share with others the same joyful skill of moving with ease and effortlessness that she has spent years trying to figure out! 

Currently completing her full Comprehensive Teachers Course with Polestar Pilates, Sarah is surprised everyday by the depth and scope that Pilates can still bring to her daily practise, always giving her new angles and ways to experience her mind and body!
As an apprentice teacher, Sarah is still discovering her teaching style but is already a firm believer in slowing down, and moving with care and consciousness! The simplest exercises can sometimes provide the greatest opportunities for self exploration and self discovery, and Sarah hopes to give her clients the tools to realise that they CAN move better, and eventually feel better- everyone has potential inside them! 

She believes that Pilates is not just a workout, but a life skill that becomes a part of everything you do; carrying you through your daily lives with ease and efficiency.
When not in the studio or on the mat Sarah lives with her husband who is also a dancer, and they absolutely love being outdoors, be it cycling or hiking, or simply strolling along the canal! 

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Jane Howarth 

Reformer and Mat work Teacher

Full equipment Apprentice 


I’d like to introduce myself as Jane and I am an experienced Pilates Teacher who loves all forms of movement and exercise.   I have always been active since being a child going to Dancing School every weekend, Cross-Country Running at school and then training to become a Pilates Teacher and Fitness Instructor more recently in adult life.


I’m absolutely fascinated by the inner workings of the mind and body and in particular; learning how to move well; develop good posture plus finding balance and flexibility through Pilates and Meditation.  


After suffering from a knee injury 10 years ago, I made it my mission to become better-educated about my own body; specialising in Exercise Referrals and Lower Back Pain going forward to try and ensure others can benefit from this knowledge – a body and mind free from unnecessary pain.


I like to bring a fun, light-hearted approach to my work; using the classical principles of Pilates whilst adding a creative twist to ensure that you not only move well, feel great, develop length & strength through control and concentration to help you become more resilient to developing injuries through daily life, ‘Creating Strength Inside Out! 


Personal-life wise I have a couple of dogs that they both and I adore regular hikes around the Yorkshire countryside - perfect for them and myself and ensuring that we get plenty of fresh air to feel great!