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Memberships explained for all packages below.


All our memberships are set up as membership subscription. There are 12 monthly payments in total. This gives you 45 classes to be used up over the year from the start date that you join. This allows for when we close for two weeks at Christmas and also if you miss a session. If you miss more than 7 sessions, you can make these up with our online live stream classes or Vimeo library. If you wish to purchase additional sessions (example you’ve attended all your 45 and still haven’t reached the end of your sign-up year) then you can discuss this with your teacher at the time.

Your monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.


Your studio membership package also gets you

  • 25 percent discount off a workshop either in studio or online.

  • Personal screening and posture assessment, goal planning and regular updates to your programme 

  • A monthly class sent to you via Vimeo to do at home in your own time 

  • Access to our Pilates community activities, days out and events


If you haven’t worked on the equipment before you will need to sign up for an introduction package,


Beginners trial package £65 

Vimeo beginners class sent to you via email

  • Vimeo guide to working with the equipment 

  • Zoom or phone call consultation with your teacher, to fitness screen, plan and set your goals.

  • 1 x (1 to 1) private session

  • 1 x class with your Pilates Pod


Beginners introduction to equipment package £99

  • Vimeo beginners class sent to you via email

  • Vimeo guide to working with the equipment 

  • Zoom or phone call consultation with your teacher, to fitness screen, plan and set your goals.

  • 2 x (1 to 1) private sessions 

  • 2 x classes with your Pilates Pod.



Studio Equipment and Mat sessions 


You can choose your time and session from the timetable; your teacher will guide you in finding the best session for you in your zoom consultation or phone call. Once you have selected this with your teacher, this will be your regular session for the month.



Benefits of a selected regular session 

  • We can help you choose the correct session so you get the most from the class. This will make you feel very capable and allow you to progress at your own pace.

  • A big part of coming to our studio is the amazing clients and friendships that develop. A regular slot allows you to be part of this and create friendships that encourage and support your journey.

  • Small classes, only five in a session will give you the high-quality teaching expertise that you deserve and ensure you progress quickly.

  • Committing to your health and wellbeing on a regular basis impacts on all other areas of your life in a positive way.


You’re in Studio price packages


Working in one of our luxury studio spaces you will receive a personalised equipment programme. Both our studio spaces are fully equipped with Reformers, Barrels, Chair, Trapeze table, Mat small equipment, Spring Wall and Foot Work equipment. Your teacher is fully qualified in all areas of equipment and rehabilitation. 


One equipment class a week £67 Monthly Subscription 


Two equipment classes a week £119 Monthly Subscription 




Online price package


  • Live unlimited class membership £39 Monthly Subscription (there are presently 4 online live classes to choose from) 

  • Vimeo library membership £25 Monthly Subscription (there are presently 20 classes to choose from and this library will increase monthly.)





All private packages


1 x (1 to 1) session per week £184 Monthly Subscription 

2 x (1 to 1) sessions per week £337.50 Monthly Subscription 

I can honestly say that coming to your sessions has made me feel so much more supple than I had felt in years. Also I used to get regular lower back pain, which has not happened since I stated Pilates with you. I used to be woken up nightly with hip pain. That has completely ceased so not only do I not have that pain, but I sleep so much better too. Finally I really enjoy the peacefulness of the sessions as well as the physical side of it.